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Cleansing Gel
(all skin type)
price: $35
Deep Toner
all skin type
price: $59
Cream Base/Day Cream (Anti wrinkle)
price: $49
Extra Peeling Night Cream (whitening)
price: $45
Redness Reducer
(sensitive skin)
price: $40
Anti Acne Cream
(Herbal cosmetic)
price: $35
Gel Base,Night
price: $65
UV Perfect Cream
SPF 38
(Sun Block)
price: $55
Day Cream &
Peeling Night Cream

(2 items)
price: $88
Cleanser, Day,
Peeling Night

(set 3 items)
price: $105
Day,Peeling Night,
UV Perfect

(set 3 items)
price: $125
Night,UV Perfect
(set 5 items)
price: $159
Anti Acne Cream &
Redness Reducer

(set 2 items)
price: $69
Wholesale &
Retail LV:

Whitening, removing pimples, balck spots and freckles